I’m Back!! (Sort Of)

I haven’t done any blogging since 2010, that was when our class had to do it in year 6. I am now considering starting up again but I am unsure I will have the spare time!! If I do restart I will also have to relearn lots of the stuff I knew how to do, as I have forgotten lots… You may hear from me again,  if you do I will probably be starting again (I will say), and if not then I most likely won’t start up again as I don’t have the  spare time… 😛

Student Challenge Nominations

For a Sept. Student Blogging Challenge you had to nominate a blog, so I chose to nominate Jessica6’s Blog whose is a great blog  and I am going to nominate her for the best Student Blog and I wish I could nominate her for best Teacher’s Blog because she is soo creative with her writing and it sometimes looks like a teacher has written it!! I would also like to nominate Lily and I am also going to nominate her for the best Student Blog because her blog is really good and very informational.

Here are the links to Jessica’s and Lily’s Blogs:



When It Is Approriate To Put Photos On Your Blog

When is it Appropriate to put photos on your Blog?

 Well I think It is appropriate to put photos on your blog if they are related to your post. For example if I wrote a post on snakes or spiders at the and I would put a photo or photos of some types of snakes and spiders. Next I think it is appropriate to put photos on your blog when you have a parents permission first as well as not putting your first and last name next to it or near it. Really you shouldn’t put your first and last name on your blog at all. I certainly wouldn’t use my photo especially seen as I am only 11. Another thing that you should never do is post any of your friend’s pictures on your blog without asking them! You could get in heaps of trouble, especially if you name them!

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Where I Live

G’day mate, I live in Australia, really just that word says it all. A free country where you have freedom of speech, a wonderful climate and a multicutural society. I live in the Hunter region of NSW in Port Stephens or “the Bay” as we locals call it.

Australia has lots of amazing animals that you have probably heard of, such as; Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats, Emus, Magpies, Platypus and  Echidnas… ( Just to name a few!).

Australia is also known for its food that is unique like Vegemite, Lamingtons, Meat Pies and Pavlova plus loads more!

We also have a few places that are famous for their scenery like The Great Barrier Reef and Uluru or Ayers Rock.

So now you know a bit about my country Australia.

Why People Should Visit My Blog!

People should visit my blog for some of these reasons I will state.  It may also help you understand the way I’m feeling while I’m writing my posts and the way I feel about certain things.

My page can also tell you about what type of personality I have. You can also look at my About Page and learn my hobbies, my favourite colour, family and so on. You can read my posts and learn about some of the events going on at that stage. For example the weekend of the school fete what happened and what was going on you can also try to imagine what I’m feeling while I’m writing my posts, and if its an event you could try to imagine yourself being there to witness it.

Now I have stated my reasons and I hope I have convinced you why people should visit my blog!

Soldiers Point Public School’s Fete

On the 11th of September Soldiers Point Public School held its first Fete in 10 years. It was a very spectacular achievement. There were many more attendants than I had expected including kids and their parents from other schools around the peninsula who had come to join in the fun. The Council had to block off a section of the road where the amusement rides would go. Some of the rides there included Gladiator fights, a giant slide called the Dragster, Flying Chairs, Rock Climbing wall, Bungee Trampoline, a Jumping Castle and Pony Rides. Some of the stalls included the Tombola stall, the Plant stall, the Second-Hand goods, the Book stall, PlasterChef, Face Painting and Hairspray, the Cake stall, Craft Made with L♥ve and the Raffles.

Altogether I think the Fete was a very great success!


Learning Games For Kids.com

Learning games for kids is a fabulous educational and fun site for kids. I would reccommend this site for people who need to catch up in their learning or simply want to learn ahead of the rest of their friends and family. It has all sorts of great learning games based on your spelling, maths, typing and alot more I hope that you find it as interesting as I did.

In the typing games it is all about practicing you typing and becoming better. In the spelling games its all about learning new words and practising the ones you already know. If you want the link here it is http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/

The Corroboree Frog

Facts: The Corroboree Frog is the most endangered frog Australia. Pseudophryne corroboree or Pseudophryne pengilleyi are the two scientific names that it is known by.

“Corroboree’’ is an aboriginal word meaning the gathering or meeting, and the people who attend have painted themselves and are now draped with yellow markings like the frogs. Neither the female nor the male have webbed  toes.

Unlike other frogs that croak, the Corroboree frog communicates by making a sound like a wet finger being rubbed along a balloon full on air.

Length: 2.5 to 3cm

Habitat: The frogs only live in Mount Kosciuszko National Park around the Snowy Mountains and in the Brindabella and Fiery ranges in NSW. They can be found at heights of 1300 to 1760 metres above sea level. Usually the adults live near sub-alpine and tall heath areas, and under logs near or on dense ground cover.

Breeding: Breeding occurs in moist environments, in pools within bogs, short heath or wet grassland. The tadpoles develop in about 4 weeks but, unlike other tadpoles, they stay in their egg jelly for about 6-7 months. They finally hatch out of the jelly when the nests are flooded by melting snow and autumn rains. They are 6 mm long and grow very slowly. All winter they remain as tadpoles, even under the ice. Usually they are associated with sphagnum moss.   www.ifrog.us/ifrog-image-gallery/

Diet: The young frogs or froglets eat beetles, bugs, ants, mites, and insect larvae. The adult frogs mostly eat ants as well as beetles and mites.

Threats: The main threats to the frogs are the building of ski resorts, habitat destruction, trampling by humans and livestock and the chytrid fungus, as well as climate change (because they live in a cold climate and it’s getting warmer), loss of the Ozone layer, disease and erosion. Once they were abundant and now only 32% of the frog population remains.